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 Hey -friend, The Macrobiotic Guide is a community of people interested
in learning more about the body, cooking, wellness and human performance.
There is a more and more gatherings of macrobiotic people around the world today interested
in understanding the human body, health, performance and self-expression.

Keep Growing Stronger, Jamie Trevena Co-Founder, Teacher, Chef and Coach)

"A clear recognition of the importance of food and a deep concern about it as a factor
in human life
lie at the heart of macrobiotics.
There is, though, a growing consciousness that the food man eats is only one type of nourishment.
Art, music, ideas, emotions and social relationships are also "food"
and play a crucial role in human health and well-being.
People are realizing that care and energy must be spent on all of these types of food
if one is to become truly healthy; that in its meaning of "great life" macrobiotics
involves a well-rounded, not a food-obsessed, way of living.
Ronald E. Koetzsch, Ph.D.

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