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Healing And The Mind - Bill Tara - Part 1

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Thank you for these recordings. This man really influenced me a lot with what he said; it is truelly a dogma removing refreshment. -Lucas

Bill has a warm, practical voice for a new generation of macrobiotics. Thank you for posting. - Derek

A great voice from a not less great communicator.

It´s a previlege to have Bill Tara´s delightful provocative thoughts always available for us to "wake up" to the endless dream of freedom. Felix

I did really enjoy the 1st podcast by Bill Tara and plan to listen to the other soon. Thanks for making this available. I'm going to tell all my friends. They ask me questions all the time and I think this a a great answer! - Lori White

Bill Tara is great. This is my first real opportunity to hear him teach and I am so impressed and grateful that you offer this. I look forward to learning more here. Thank you!!
- Nancy

After listening to the first lecture twice, I find myself so delighted I desired to share with you. This is such 'down to earth' practical theology on 'how do we eat', back to the lecture! - Mira

As ever, Bill Tara is an amusing, erudite, communicative, humane and positively provocative speaker who supplies us with "food for thought". Thank you very much.
- Ann

"Wow - thank you. It is nice to listen to a voice with knowledge. A refresher to all the reading I have been doing. It gives me new reflection as well as motivation.
- June

Wow!! I have been recently introduced to Macrobiotics (2 wks.) and am studing in the field of nutrition. I really enjoyed the information and am hungry for more!! Thank you for making this available. Deborah

"Bill Tara has great sense of humor and is a very important person in this new wave of macrobiotics which is emerging in the world today". - Kasia












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